Violet Shield

In October 2015 the Redbacks Community was rocked by tragedy when the D'Agostino family, who have been a part of the club for over 20 years, was devastated by the loss of 6 week old Violet Lee to SIDs.

Violet's mother Kelly had only one wish, that Violet would never be forgotten. To help with this dream, in December 2015 the Glenmore Park Cricket Club launched the Violet Shield a charity cricket match to ensure her memory will forever remain in our hearts.

As a club and community we are proud to say that this event raised close to $40,000 which was donated to SIDS for KIDS to assist with the prevention and education of SIDS as well as providing bereavement support to families going through similar tragedy.

Both the Glenmore Park Cricket Club and Violet's family have made an ongoing commitment which is to ensure her legacy via the Violet Shield cricket match and support other families that suffer tragedy and face daily challenges in their lives with sick kids.

In 2017 the Violet Shield will head to Maroubra, to pay special tribute to Millar Munro, the nephew of Glenmore Park Cricket Club Junior Secretary Grant Kean.

Millar's Story

One morning in September 2016 a young six year old boy's life would change forever. On that fateful day Millar entered his parents bedroom only moments after awaking, as he did every morning, where they realised something wasn't right.

Millar was rushed to Sydney's Children's Hospital, where he underwent numerous tests but even more drastically went onto life support where he would remain for many weeks to come.

In the days which followed Millar's parents, Richard and Danielle, and the Munro and Kean family would be subject to the unimaginable as Millar was diagnosed with a large tumour on his brain stem & bleed on the brain.

Three hours into emergency surgery the news was delivered that the tumour would be too difficult to extract without posing significant risk to the Millar, which they were not willing to do.

After long weeks of exploring treatment options doctors declared that the tumour was inoperable and incurable.

However through persistence, determination and perseverance and after numerous complications, infections, further operations, radiation and chemotherapy treatments Millar managed to fight his way off life support into a stable medical condition and after 101 days in hospital Millar was able to return home just in time to celebrate Christmas with his family.

The road ahead for Millar is now one of extreme challenges, as he is still has no controlled muscle movement and his only communication is via his limited eye movements.

Redbacks Secretary Grant Kean, Millars uncle:

"Richard and Danielle, You are a true inspiration to us all, faced with such great adversity and heartbreak you have never once shirked the task ahead, in my eyes you are true heroes."

As with the first Violet Shield, The Redbacks Family will now rally around the Munro and Kean families and provide much needed support and hope by holding the second Violet Shield - A Match For Millar.

Get Involved

This years game will once again consist of a Triple Threat Twenty20 game for players of all abilities from Under 16s up. There are limited spots available so express your interest now.


Shirts are now available for order, with all proceeds going to Millar.

Order and pay online at store. Alternatively, contact Grant 0402 472 007 or Adrian 0408 779 661 directly to order and pay them directly. All players will require a shirt to play.

Please note no shirts will be available for purchase on the day.


A donation account has now been set up. This account is for donations only (please do not use for shirt purchases) and all proceeds go direct to the Munro family, there is no third provider. The details are:

Bank: Westpac

Account Name: Millar Kean Munro

BSB: 032056

Account number: 506314

To donate an auction item contact Grant on 0402 472 007