We Are The Redbacks

Established 1996, the Glenmore Park Cricket Club has quickly become the largest & most-recognised cricket club in the district with one of the most successful records of the last decade. Here at the Redbacks we pride ourselves on a positive, innovative attitude that will always seek to be better than it was before.

Humble Beginnings

Founded in 1996, the Glenmore Park Redbacks was established as a junior club in its early days also going by the name Glenmore Park Junior Cricket Club. Borne out of the needs of a rapidly expanding local district comprising mostly of young families, the club provided a local identity for the children of the suburb and surrounding areas to play cricket entering teams into the Penrith Junior Cricket Association. Meanwhile across town, the Glenmore Park Cricket Club had already been in operation since 1993 entering teams into the local senior competition run by the Nepean District Cricket Association.

Becoming One
Towards the end of the 90's both clubs soon realised each would both benefit from joining forces rather than duplicating their efforts, and in 2000 the two merged forming the club as we know it today, officially adopting the Glenmore Park Cricket Club name and generally referred to as simply The Redbacks


In less than two decades the Redbacks have gone from strength to strength emerging from its humble beginnings to become what is now the district's largest club in both local junior and senior associations. Along the way we've picked up a number of club championships including a three-peat of the PJCA championship in 2010/11, 2011/12 & 2012/13.